Full project title: Publishing and Enriching Linked Open Statistical Data for the Development of Data Analytics and Enhanced Visualization Services

Project rationale

Governments, organisations and companies are increasingly opening up their data for others to reuse. A major part of Open Data concerns statistics such as population figures, economic and social indicators. Analysis of statistical open data can provide value to both citizens and businesses in various areas such as business intelligence, epidemiological studies and evidence-based policy-making. 

Statistical open data are usually provided in formats that lack metadata facilities or that can only be read with expensive specialist software. Recently, Linked Data emerged as a promising paradigm to enable the exploitation of the Web as a platform for data integration. As a result, Linked Data has been proposed as the most appropriate way for publishing Open Data on the Web. However, employing Linked Statistical Data faces particular challenges and thus calls for appropriate tools and methods.

Project objectives

OpenCube aims at developing software tools that facilitate (a) publishing of high-quality Linked Statistical Data and (b) reusing distributed Linked Statistical Data in data analytics and visualisations. 

The specific objectives of OpenCube fall into the following categories: 

  • Lower the entrance barrier for linked statistical data publishers and users.
  • Improve quality of statistical data published on the Web.
  • Enrich statistical data with other data on the Web.
  • Extract interesting and previously hidden insights into different areas through linked statistical data analytics and visualisations.

Project results and impact

OpenCube expected results are:

  • The OpenCube toolkit comprising open-source slotsonlinecanada standalone tools.
  • The OpenCube extension of the fluidOps’ Information Workbench platform.
  • The OpenCube extension of the Swirrl’s PublishMyData platform
  • The OpenCube Pilots in three public authorities and businesses.

The outcome of OpenCube will offer a competitive advantage to the portfolio of the commercial project partners, as it will be the first comprehensive software solution for data analytics based on Linked Statistical Data. It will also enable public authorities to publish and exploit open statistical data of high quality using the OpenCube toolkit.

01/11/2013 - 31/10/2015